What’s the point of having nice things if you have to worry about losing them?

Protect the worth of your cherished items by adding a scheduled personal

property endorsement to your homeowners policy.

Protect the things that matter to you

Look around your house. What are the items that are

most precious to you? Your homeowners insurance

generally covers the contents of your home. However,

there are specified limits on certain items such as jewelry,

paintings, antiques, collections, musical instruments and

silverware. For broader protection of your most valuable

items you may want to add a scheduled personal property

endorsement to your homeowners policy. You can do this

by making a list of your cherished possessions that may

need more coverage than your current policy provides.

What if something bad happens

If there is damage to your covered items or if they are

stolen, you can be confident knowing you are fully

covered. And more good news, there is no deductible

with this insurance.

Coverage that fits your needs

A scheduled personal property endorsement is tailored to

meet your specific needs. The name of this insurance may

not exactly roll off your tongue, but knowing it’s in place can

certainly help you sleep better at night.

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